Hey my name’s Adele! Strange Magic is an accessories brand designed and made in my home studio in outback Queensland.

Originally a creative outlet to keep my sane during my PhD (it’s not all bad, afterall, I study dinosaurs!) I was keen to create fun, colourful pieces made from high quality materials, inspired by whimsical creatures and characters from pop culture.

Even though I spend a lot of time helping run our rural property, and working on my PhD, Strange Magic is the thing I’m most passionate about!

​Each design starts life as a sketch in my notebook or the notes app on my phone, and is digitally drawn over a couple of hours before it is laser cut from acrylic. After that, I carefully paint and assemble each piece by hand.

Almost everything that goes into making these accessories, including the acrylic and hypoallergenic stainless steel studs, are sourced from other Australian companies. Where possible, these companies are based right here in Queensland, including Vector Etch a Brisbane based laser cutting company.

​Every Strange Magic item is crafted with comfort in mind, so that you can go about your day with a spring in your step and confidence too.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the Internet, and I hope that these pieces mean as much to you as they do to me.

   A maker at work. Adele has long dark brown hair and is wearing green T rex earrings and a pink and white gingham dress. She's sitting at a white desk, surrounded by tea cup, pliers and wrapped box. She's holding a pencil and sketching in her sketchbook.

Strange Magic Shop location. A pink map showing Australia in the bottom left hand corner and a zoomed in section of Queensland in the top right hand corner. The location of Strange Magic Shop in Winton is shown 1355km away from Brisbane.